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Your next home will be attractive, have an environmentally responsible design & be customised to you.

What We Believe

Spaces are designed to encourage movement in mind, body & soul.  Some places more and some places less, some that encourage more vigour and others more solitude.

We seek an optimal design for you – our client, ensuring the building to be ‘comfortable’ and environmentally responsible – to design buildings that require minimum ‘extra’ energy inputs to heat & cool, and to design buildings (spaces) that feel good to be around & within.

The location for your next home is considered with care. All these factors combined provide a ‘wholistic’ dwelling or structure that will in itself also promote overall harmony & longevity.

Solar active & passive design is an element imperative in the home of tomorrow.  The goal is to incorporate this into the design of your home, ensuring an affordable home to live in.

About Me – Joakim Ho

I have been working in building design industry for the past 17 years, and have been keenly interested in sustainable construction techniques and energy efficiency.  I am a qualified member of the Building Designers Association of New South Wales.



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